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One night in 1984, our drummer was on his way home from Underwater Basket Weaving class at the Y in downtown Punxutbryn Mawr, PA. 


As he walked by a house that was closely resembled the house 8 blocks down from the Brady family, he heard what sounded like two blenders attacking each other while someone threw rocks at a mirror. Of course, he quickly realized it was rock-n-roll, emanating from inside the home.

The Band History

MANAGER: Jim Swarthout



Live Valvage

Not so much a "tour" per se, but a place you can get your Fetzers on. Just remember, it's all ball bearings these days.
APRIL, 2022

BRYCE JORDAN CENTER • not really playing there, but likely will drive by on the way to Burger King

He knocked on the door, and was shown (via the orange shag) down the hallway to the “game room” (garage) where he met the the guitar player - actually witnessing his first time with his instrument. 

Coincidentally (and at the exact same time), our keyboard player was on the way back from having the gas tank replaced in his Ford Pinto when the clutch gave out - right in front of the garage in question. He had no choice but to drop everything, run in, and join the budding musicians for their rendition of a random Blue Oyster Cült song, which actually sounded more like “Close to You” by the Carpenters. 

The rest is (of course) history. More to come...

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